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Smoking in Bhutan

The number of daily smokers in Bhutan is 24337. The prevalence of daily tobacco smoking among adults is 4.3%. 221 people in Bhutan die from tobacco smoking-related diseases each year. The mortality rate associated with tobacco smoking is 5.87%. Cigarettes is allowed.

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June 03, 2024 by

Bhutan’s Tryst with Health Imperialism

Bhutan's tobacco ban, implemented in 2004, aimed to create a tobacco-free society but faced challenges. Despite reductions in public smoking, enforcement issues led to a flourishing black market. In 2021, the ban was lifted due to smuggling concerns during the pandemic. Lack of support for quitting led to the ban's failure, highlighting the need for cessation services and alternatives. Public health and psychiatry professionals in Bhutan face barriers in providing cessation support. The country now grapples with rising tobacco use, signaling the importance of accessible cessation products and services to improve public health. Western influences on Bhutan's policies should give way to locally tailored solutions for sustained health and happiness.


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13 October 2023

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07 June 2024

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09 July 2024

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