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Latvian residents express great interest for initiative against the ban on e-cigarette flavours

More than 10 000 people have signed the petition called “Free choice for adults! On preservation of e-cigarette aromas” on platform, according to Tobacco-free Products Association.

Because the initiative has received the necessary number of votes, it will be submitted to the Saeima for review. The objective of this initiative is to invite the parliament to not ban various flavours of e-cigarettes and instead adopt solution to battle the illegal market and educate society about healthy choices.

Despite the stereotypes held by residents, the e-cigarettes industry is not interested in youngsters using their products.

Tobacco and e-cigarettes might be subject to higher age limit in Latvia

On Thursday, March 23, the Saeima approved amendments in the second reading, which plan to prescribe that tobacco products, substitute products, plant smoking products, electronic smoking devices, and fillers will be prohibited to sell to persons under the age of 20.

 79 members voted for the amendments and 6 voted against. 

In order for the ban to come into force, the amendments to the law in parliament still need to be supported in the third – final – reading.

Tobacco and alternative products are currently available to persons aged 18.