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Malawi's tobacco sales up 55% in latest season: regulator

Malawi's sales of tobacco, its biggest foreign exchange earner, increased to roughly $282 million in the latest season, up from $182 million a year earlier, its industry regulator said. Dwindling tobacco revenues in recent years have contributed to acute dollar shortages that have resulted in a lack of imported fuel, fertiliser and medicines in the donor-dependent southern African country. Malawi has turned to the International Monetary Fund for financial support and launched debt restructuring talks with creditors.

Tobacco harm reduction is here for good

Malawi: Most people have probably internalised HIV and AIDS messaging that promotes total abstinence, being faithful to one partner, or using a condom-'Condomise' (A-B-C).

A record of massive condom sales suggests that, in contrast to being faithful to one partner and abstaining, most people may have chosen the 'Condomise' option.

A similar approach to 'enjoying' sex without contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection has been researched and proven that people who are addicted to smoking (Nicotine) can still enjoy the pleasure of smoking without being harmed by the tobacco.

As tobacco declines, Malawi must switch to cannabis - president

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera warned on Wednesday that his country's leading foreign exchange earner, tobacco, was in terminal decline and he urged a switch to high-growth crops like cannabis, which was legalised locally for some uses last year.

Chakwera made the comments during a state of the nation address in which he said tobacco was expected to earn less than $200 million in 2021, a figure roughly similar to the past two years but well below previous annual earnings that used to top $350 million.