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Can Morocco Crack Down on Smoking in Public?

Rabat - Despite a decline among younger generations, smoking remains prominent  across Morocco, with recent studies showing that nearly a quarter of men in the country are regular smokers.

The economic and health cost of tobacco have been well-documented for decades. Lung cancer is the most well-known side effect of smoking, but its economic cost and manufacturing circumstances have also come under the spotlight lately.

There remains one major issue, however, that despite efforts remains endemic according to many in the country: secondhand smoke.

Morocco’s Government Approves Tax Raise on Shisha, E-Cigarettes

Morocco is preparing to increase taxes on waterpipes, commonly known as “shisha” and electronic cigarettes over concerns for public health.

Morocco’s Finance and Economic Development Committee reportedly approved the new round of taxes on Wednesday following a vote. The tax means that for every kilo of shisha smoking material, consumers would have to pay MAD 675 ($63).

To impose the new tax, the government first voted to introduce an amendment to the Finance Bill of 2023 that aims to extend the tax base to include shisha without tobacco, and electronic cigarettes.

Morocco Sets New Tar, Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide Levels in Cigarettes

Rabat - Council of Government adopted a draft decree setting the maximum levels of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes. The Moroccan Government Council meeting held this Monday adopted draft decree law No. 2.21.235, regulating the maximum rates of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes.

This draft decree comes as an implementation of Article 25 of Law No. 46.02 pertaining to raw and manufactured tobacco.

The law stipulates the mandatory inclusion of the percentages of carbon monoxide, in addition to data related to the percentages of tar and nicotine on each package of manufactured tobacco.

Morocco set to legalise cannabis production for medical use

Morocco plans to allow the farming, export and domestic sale of cannabis for medical and industrial use, the government said on Thursday, a move it hopes will help impoverished farmers in the Rif mountains amid a growing legal global market for the drug. [...] The bill, which the cabinet is expected to approve next week, aims to improve farmers’ incomes, protect them from drug traffickers who now control the trade in cannabis and gain access to the booming legal international market for the drug.

Morocco Announces Increase in Cigarettes Prices

Morocco announced further increase in the prices of cigarettes, starting January 1. The list shows major increases in popular brands, including Camel, Marlboro, and Winston. The Moroccan Customs and Indirect Taxes Administration circulated a notice on December 24 on the decision. The government published the notice in the Official Gazette on December 31. The increases also concerned rolled tobacco and molasses used in hookahs, as well as cigars. The prices are up by 2 dirhams in some brands, while others experienced higher increases.