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Cambodia Issues Asia’s Latest Nicotine Prohibition

On March 23, Cambodia issued a ban on heated tobacco products (HTPs). The move [...] was announced by the National Authority of Combating Drugs.

Confusingly, the directive also prohibits electronic nicotine delivery systems like vaping products—while making the unfounded assertions that these device don’t help people to stop smoking and are not safer than conventional cigarettes. This comes despite the fact that consumption and sales of shisha and e-cigarettes have already been prohibited since 2014. Some local reports suggest that vapes remain available and that the ban has so far been widely ignored.

New tobacco device banned

The National Authority for Combating Drugs (NACD) has instructed all relevant ministries and institutions to take immediate action to stop the use and commercialisation of heated tobacco products (HTPs) [...] and Electronic Delivery of Nicotine Systems (EDNS) [...]

They said their institution had received information that there were many people still using these products and secretly doing business selling them in Cambodia.

According to the directive dated March 18, the NACD has received information that some Cambodians, especially young people, have continued to use EDNS as well as new HTPs.