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Smoking in Portugal

In Portugal, the overall smoking prevalence has been increasing since 2006. There are approximately 2.5 million people smoking in the country. 27.9% of the adult population are current smokers, up from 24% in 2006. 33.3% of men smoke whilst 22.4% of women are current smokers. The most recent data show there were 11,900 annual deaths attributable to tobacco smoking (approximately 2,600 women and 9,300 men). The annual percentage of all deaths attributable to tobacco smoking was 13.85% (women: 4.7%; and men: 16.4%). Nicotine vapes (e-cigarettes) are legal in Portugal and there are 8,300 vapers in the country, giving an adult vaping prevalence of 0.09%. Vaping devices can only be sold to those 18 and older, packaging must contain a health warning and there are restrictions on the level of nicotine they can contain. Vaping devices can be purchased without a prescription but there are legal restrictions on their use in public places. Heated tobacco products are legal and can be marketed, but the situation is a bit more complicated for snus. While it is illegal to import snus for trade or buy the product online, it is possible to import it for personal use. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) cannot be marketed but the NRT market in Portugal is worth €8.7 million. For further information and full references, click through to the detailed datasheets above.

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October 11, 2023 by

Tobacco tax extends to nicotine-free electronic cigarettes

Tobacco taxation will be extended to nicotine-free electronic cigarettes in 2024, according to the State Budget proposal, which foresees a total increase in tobacco tax revenue of 176.6 million euros. The extension of taxation to nicotine-free electronic cigarettes is due “to the exponential growth in consumption of these products in Portugal”, which constitutes, “on the one hand, a gateway for new consumers to adopt smoking habits and, on the other hand, a risk to public health from the lack of control over these products”.

April 15, 2022 by

Alcohol and tobacco taxes rise

The State Budget for 2022 (OE2022) has updated the Tax on Alcohol, Alcoholic Beverages and Sugar-Added Beverages (IABA) by 1%, with total revenue expected to amount to €286.8 million.

An identical rise of 1% will also target the Tobacco Tax (IT) rate, according to the report accompanying the OE2022 proposal.

“Regarding Special Consumption Taxes, the tax rates will be updated by 1% for IT and IABA”, says the document, noting that, “taking into account the expected evolution for private consumption and the internal demand”, an increase in revenue is expected in 2022, compared to 2021, of 20 million euros in IT (+1%) and 29 million euros in IABA (+11%).