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  • Why Academics Should Resist Pressure to Disengage with the Tobacco Industry

    Neil McKeganey, Christopher Russell | 27 September 2016

    In the past few days, several pro-tobacco harm reduction academics and scientists who are registered to attend the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) in Brussels, Belgium this week (27-29 September), received a letter signed by two major anti-smoking organisations – the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) and the U.S.-based Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK). This letter expressed to the recipients, including one of the authors of this blog (CR), the signatories’ ‘strong concern over the participation of renowned academics’ at a conference that is largely funded by the tobacco industry.

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  • Important consultations on nicotine and e-cigarettes in Australia and New Zealand

    Nicotine Science & Policy | updated 31 August 2016

    Both Australia and New Zealand have legislation that was introduced before the introduction of e-cigarettes and which effectively makes possession of nicotine (Australia) or nicotine-containing e-cigarettes (NZ) illegal. In Australia there is a proposal to amend the scheduling of nicotine to make sale, possession and use of nicotine legal; in New Zealand the Ministry of Health proposes making nicotine e-cigarettes legal consumer products. Comments on both proposals are invited.

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  • The Enjoyment of Smoking

    Neil McKeganey | 6 September 2016

    When it comes to policies aimed at reducing the harm of smoking there is a truth that daren’t be spoken, namely that many smokers actually enjoy smoking. In the current climate of tobacco control policies aiming for a tobacco free world, the realization that many people want to continue to engage in a behaviour that they know to be harmful is hard to acknowledge.

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  • Confusing smoke signals from Turkey

    Nicotine Science & Policy | 17 August 2016

    Turkey has for many years implemented stringent efforts to reduce smoking rates. Smoke-free policies, a two hundred per cent price increase on cigarettes and comprehensive stop-smoking services have all been introduced in the last decade; all significant actions from a country known for the saying ”Smoking like a Turk”.

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  • TPD implementation in Poland – the end of vaping as we know it?

    NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 20 July 2016

    On July 8th the Polish Parliament passed an act transposing the EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) into national law, some weeks after the mandated date of May 20th. This marks the end of a legislative process that started two years ago.

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  • Why you/doctors/vapers should join IDHDP

    Chris Ford | 15 July 2016

    Dr Chris Ford, the Clinical Director of International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies, recently attended the Global Forum on Nicotine. Here are some thoughts from her and her colleagues afterwards.

    The dogma that has pervaded global drug policy over the last fifty years is hard to comprehend. People have been using substances to alter the way they feel for thousands of years and there is no indication that this will ever stop. Like we do for all other potentially hazardous activities, provision of information and tools to reduce potential harms would be the action of a responsible and caring society.

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  • Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity as current smokers find they can get their nicotine fix by inhaling the vapor produced by these devices. More concerning to health officials is the growing use of e-cigarettes by teens and young adults. Not only do health officials worry e-cigarettes could eventually lead to smoking, they are increasingly focusing on the chemicals that are present in e-cigarette vapor.
    2016-12-02 | consumeraffairs.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • Nicotine
  • One puff of a flavoured e-cigarette can expose a smoker to cancer causing chemicals that are more than 250 times the recommended safety level, say scientists. When converted into a vapour, some additives break down into toxic compounds that dramatically exceed guidance for occupational health, according to the study.
    2016-12-02 | mirror.co.uk

    • Smoking
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  • Smoking will be prohibited in public housing developments nationwide under a final rule announced Wednesday by the Obama administration. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has been encouraging local public agencies to enact smoking bans, and some 228,000 public housing units were already smoke-free. The new rule will expand the impact to more than 940,000 units.
    2016-12-02 | bloomberg.com

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  • Health Minister Sarah Hoffman was given an award followed by a warning Wednesday from anti-smoking activists who say the province must implement even stronger measures to protect children and workers from the effects of tobacco. A good place for the government to start would be to proclaim all sections of sweeping tobacco legislation that was passed by the legislature three years ago, the activists said.
    2016-12-02 | calgarysun.com

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  • Smokers who would like to quit are wanted for a randomised controlled clinical trial in Glasgow. Doctors and scientists funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) are looking for 100 healthy volunteers to take part in The VAPOUR Pilot Study. The study aims to investigate the short-term effects of electronic cigarettes in comparison to nicotine replacement patches on the blood vessels and lungs.
    2016-12-02 | dailyrecord.co.uk

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  • Big Tobacco is considering a last-ditch attempt to halt the introduction of plain packaging in Britain after its latest legal challenge was thrown out yesterday. The Court of Appeal rejected a plea by three of the world’s biggest manufacturers to overturn May’s High Court judgment in what health campaigners called a “crushing defeat” for the industry.
    2016-12-02 | thetimes.co.uk

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  • I refer to the article “Ban on flavoured tobacco products will hurt business: Retailers” (Nov 26), which reported on the findings of a survey on one of the proposed moves in a suite of tobacco-control measures that has been put up for public consultation. From a business perspective, one can understand that a ban on any kind of tobacco products, be it flavoured or unflavoured, will hurt retailers.
    2016-12-02 | todayonline.com

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  • I've smoked well over a hundred thousand cigarettes in my life, and each one of those cigarettes meant something to me. I even enjoyed a few of them. I’ve smoked O.K., great, and terrible cigarettes; I’ve smoked dry and moist, aromatic and almost-sweet cigarettes. I’ve smoked hastily, and other times slowly and with pleasure. I've scrounged, stolen, and smuggled cigarettes; [...]
    2016-12-02 | newyorker.com

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