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May 22, 2024 by

WHAT'S THE NEWS FROM THE E-CIG SUMMIT? | Featuring Will Godfrey of Filter Magazine

In today's episode Will Godfrey joins us to bring us the latest updates from the E-Cigarette Summit in Washington DC, USA, where the FDA stirred up controversy and the real impact of restrictive vaping policies was laid bare!

May 22, 2024 by

Use nicotine, win an iPad! Zyn’s viral rewards program fuels addiction fears

Zyn's reward program is popular among Gen Z users, offering points for flavored nicotine pouches that can be redeemed for high-value items like iPads and designer bags. Despite targeting smokers over 21, Zyn's social media presence attracts non-smokers. Philip Morris International is scrutinized for marketing practices, while cigarettes' reward programs have a long history. The gamification of nicotine use raises concerns about addiction and targeted youth marketing. Regulations prohibit branded merch, but Zyn influencers still promote products. The addictive cycle of earning rewards and consuming nicotine is alarming to experts and lawmakers, calling for further investigation.

May 22, 2024 by

Claims of “Passive Vaping Danger” Irritate Scientists

Passive vaping poses health risks due to the toxic substances in e-cigarette emissions, according to various sources including the World Health Organization. While some argue the risks are exaggerated, studies show minimal harm to bystanders. Public opinion varies, with some countries banning nicotine vapes. Advocates suggest etiquette guides public vaping, as bans may impact marginalized groups. Science supports limited harm from second-hand vapor, though research on long-term effects is lacking. Owners should decide vaping policies in private spaces. Differentiating between vaping and air pollution particles is crucial. Overall, balancing health concerns with harm reduction benefits should inform vaping regulations.

May 22, 2024 by

Do all cannabis products contain nicotine?

Cannabis, a plant lacking nicotine, is often consumed with tobacco, which contains nicotine. CBD and THC are its main components, potentially offering health benefits. Tobacco, highly addictive due to nicotine, is associated with cancer. Co-use of cannabis and tobacco may increase health risks. Cannabis in forms like edibles and topicals may reduce risks compared to smoking. Some users may develop cannabis use disorder, with younger users at higher risk. Nicotine and alcohol are more prevalent addictions than cannabis.

May 20, 2024 by

Addressing the Misconceptions in the AI Vaping Flavors Study

A study suggesting vaping flavors pose carcinogenic risks due to pyrolysis lacks relevance to real-world e-cigarette usage, potentially exaggerating harm. Focusing on theoretical conditions, not typical use, distorts toxicity risks of e-cigarettes. Analogies to cooking and car speeds highlight the study's flawed methodology. Experts stress the importance of considering actual vaping conditions. Understanding these flaws is essential for interpreting such studies accurately, especially for non-scientists. For a simpler explanation of these issues, see the provided post.

May 20, 2024 by

Recent Reports Reflect How the FDA Props Up the Cigarette Trade

Two reports reveal the FDA's role in sustaining cigarette sales in the US. The Goldman Sachs report highlights declining cigarette sales and the rise of cheaper alternatives like modern oral tobacco. The FDA's restrictions have led to the growth of unregulated vape products. The Barclays report shows cigarettes remain highly profitable, hindering the adoption of safer alternatives. To hasten a smoke-free future, public health strategies should align with consumer preferences and embrace harm reduction options. Urgent FDA policy changes are needed to promote innovation and offer smokers better access to reduced-risk products, ultimately displacing cigarettes from the market.

May 17, 2024 by

UNSTOPPABLE | Worldwide Vaping Growth Continues

Despite suffering years of pernicious misinformation and an onslaught of regulation leading to product restrictions and bans, in many countries, the popularity of nicotine vaping continues unbridled growth. Indeed, according to Barnaby Page, editorial director at Tamarind Intelligence, it’s unstoppable!

May 17, 2024 by

Study links high social media use to increased smoking and vaping among youth

A recent UK study in Thorax analyzed the link between social media use and smoking/vaping risk among youth. The study identified a correlation between increased social media use and higher odds of cigarette smoking and e-cigarette use, especially with over 7 hours daily. Parental smoking and vaping influenced the behavior. Stronger associations were found in younger age groups, males, and higher-income individuals. The study emphasizes the importance of understanding and addressing the impact of social media on youth smoking and vaping behaviors, suggesting a need for further research and potential governmental interventions for safer online environments and youth protection.

May 17, 2024 by

EXCLUSIVE: Former FDA Official Cozied Up To Activists Months Before Joining Them, Emails Show

Former FDA official Kathy Crosby engaged with anti-tobacco group employees before becoming CEO of the Truth Initiative. Crosby attended a gala and networked with the group before accepting complimentary tickets. This relationship raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and influence on public health policy. Despite approval by FDA ethics officials, Crosby's move to the Truth Initiative highlights the blurred lines between government agencies and activist organizations. The Truth Initiative actively lobbies the FDA and works to influence policy decisions. Crosby's transition to CEO reflects connections between public health agencies and advocacy groups.

May 15, 2024 by

UKVIA Writes to MPs

The UK Vaping Industry Association raised concerns to MPs about misinformation in the Tobacco and Vapes Bill Committee. The association highlighted biased evidence and the exclusion of vaping industry representatives from giving testimony. They emphasized the importance of accurate information for informed decision-making and the need to differentiate between legal and illegal aspects of the industry. The UKVIA emphasized a commitment to reducing smoking and youth vaping rates but criticized the one-sided presentation during the Committee stage. They also called for a fair balance between adult smokers' access to quit aids and protecting young people from age-restricted products.