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Smoking in Australia

In 2017-18, just under one in seven (13.8%) or 2.6 million adults were daily smokers, whilst a further 1.4% of people also reported smoking on a less than daily basis. Since 1995, the proportion of adults who are daily smokers has decreased from 23.8% to 13.8% in 2017-18. Over recent years however, the daily smoking rate has remained fairly constant (14.5% in 2014-15). Despite this, the proportion of adults who have never smoked has increased from 49.4% in 2007-08 to 52.6% in 2014-15 and 55.7% in 2017-18. In 2017-18, young adults aged 18-24 years were more likely to have never smoked than any other age group, with 69.6% of men and 81.5% of women in this age group reporting that they had never smoked. These proportions have increased from 64.0% and 64.9% respectively since 2007-08. The national Health Survey was conducted in all states and territories and across urban, rural and remote areas of Australia in 2017/18. The survey included around 21,000 people in over 16,000 private dwellings. Previous surveys have been conducted since 1989/90.

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May 09, 2024 by

Will China stop supplying illegal vapes to Australia?

EMERITUS PROFESSOR SIMON CHAPMAN AND COLLEAGUES are predicting that illegal vapes will virtually disappear in Australia because the Chinese government requires “all exporters to obey the laws of the countries to which they are exporting”. A Chinese government report showed that the number of vapes leaving China for Australia fell by 93% in the first 2 months of 2024 after the disposable ban was introduced. According to Chapman, this is the ‘smoking gun’, and its “All over, red rover”. Seriously? There is so much wrong with this prediction.

May 09, 2024 by

VIDEO: Easy access to vapes for young people despite ban

New research shows 8 out of 10 young Australians who regularly use nicotine vapes are buying them from bricks and mortar shops.

May 08, 2024 by

New report suggests vape bans are not working

A new report shows a majority of Australians do not believe the government’s ban on vape products is working. According to the Australian Association of Convenience Stores, 75 per cent of people don’t think the ban is keeping vapes away from children. Organised crime figures are importing an estimated $1 billion of illegal vapes into Australia each year. The figures also show that around eight in ten people believe vapes should be taxed and regulated the same as tobacco. In March earlier this year, the importation of all reusable vapes, regardless of whether it had nicotine, were banned, excluding therapeutic ones supplied by pharmacies.

May 08, 2024 by

Peak health bodies join Government to fight vaping

Health bodies in Australia support new vaping legislation by the Albanese Government to combat underage vaping and curb Big Tobacco influence. The legislation aims to restrict non-therapeutic vape products and make therapeutic vapes available only with a prescription. Concerns arise from high youth vaping rates and the gateway effect to smoking. Health professionals emphasize the risks of nicotine addiction and stress the need for controlled access to vapes through medical supervision. The government and health practitioners are intensifying efforts to help people quit smoking and vaping, focusing on personalized support and guidance. The united front against vaping targets safeguarding public health, particularly among young Australians.

May 07, 2024 by

Anti-vaping professor makes shock admission at Australian inquiry

Professor Emily Banks, an advocate for stricter vape regulations, admitted at an Australian senate inquiry that there are no known deaths directly caused by vaping, unlike cigarettes which claim half of all regular smokers globally. She highlighted concerns about nicotine addiction and the targeting of children by vape companies. Banks emphasized that the long-term health effects of vaping, particularly regarding cancer and cardiovascular disease, are still unknown due to its recent emergence. The debate continues on the safety and potential harm reduction of vaping compared to tobacco smoking, given the lack of concrete evidence. Meanwhile, 24,000 Australians die annually from smoking, prompting calls for vaping as a potential cessation aid.

May 03, 2024 by

My evidence at the Senate Inquiry

IN MY INTRODUCTORY SPEECH to the Senate Vaping Inquiry on 2 May 2024, I cover two major concerns about Australia’s vaping policy and comment on the blatant misinformation presented to the Inquiry. Ninety percent of vapers have rejected the legal pathway and only a small number of doctors will prescribe nicotine. Supplies are very hard to access through pharmacies. This has predictably created a thriving and dangerous black market controlled by criminal networks selling high nicotine, unregulated products. This has led to escalating violence as criminal gangs compete over market share.

May 03, 2024 by

Prescription vape manufacturers call for flavoured products as senate hears of heart risk levels

Fruit-flavoured prescription-only nicotine vapes for adults wanting to move away from cigarettes should be made available, manufacturers have told senators, as they throw their support behind new legislation aimed at stamping out the black market. After new laws came into effect in March that banned the importation of unlicensed vapes, the parliament is now considering the next tranche of legislation that would limit access to e-cigarettes to prescription only.

May 03, 2024 by

TACKLING VAPING MYTHS IN AUSTRALIA | Colin Mendelsohn brings THR to Australian lawmakers!

Colin Mendelsohn, a veteran Australian tobacco harm reduction advocate, recently had the opportunity to educate lawmakers about the science underpinning vaping, the moral panic surrounding nicotine and the consequences of Australia's prohibitionist stance on vaping. In this episode we have collected a series of powerful points that Colin made in his discussion with lawmakers.

May 01, 2024 by

Prescription vape manufacturers call for flavoured products as senate hears of heart risk levels

Fruit-flavoured prescription-only nicotine vapes for adults wanting to move away from cigarettes should be made available, manufacturers have told senators, as they throw their support behind new legislation aimed at stamping out the black market. Wilhelm David from From the Fields, which manufactures prescription nicotine vapes, appeared before the senate inquiry considering the legislation on Wednesday, testifying that when used appropriately, the products could help save lives.

April 30, 2024 by

Young children paid $500 to set shop alight in Victoria’s tobacco and vape wars

Victoria's illegal tobacco and vape trade involves gangs recruiting youth for criminal acts like arson and extortion, with ties to various crime groups. The rise in illegal tobacco is attributed to high profits and low risks, appealing to organized crime. Despite ongoing issues for a decade, the problem was highlighted in 2023 due to arson attacks. Police efforts have led to arrests and seizures. Authorities aim to introduce a licensing scheme for better enforcement, particularly in regional areas. The government plans to implement a tobacco licensing scheme to tackle the issue.