Banning electronic cigarette

October 19, 2023 by

Banning electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are new in Bangladesh. But they are making their presence felt in the capital city as well as in the countryside. These battery-powered cigarettes are now very popular with young people as they are marketed as a 'safer' alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. The use of e-cigarettes is now higher among university students than adults. And their use has increased dramatically in the past five years. The e-cigarette market in Bangladesh is also growing every year. According to Statista, an online platform specialised in data gathering and visualisation, the revenue generated from the country's e-cigarette market amounted to $94.8 million so far in 2023.

18.60% of the adult population are current smokers. There are approximately 21.9 million current smokers in Bangladesh 36.40% of men are current smokers but only 0.50% of women.



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