UK Gov Mulls Flavour Bans and Vape Taxes

October 31, 2023 by

UK Gov Mulls Flavour Bans and Vape Taxes

Vaping is under scrutiny again, and that’s partly the result of its own success. Since vaping has become popular in the UK, smoking rates have fallen to the lowest in decades, with regular smoking amongst children now below 1%. At the same time, vaping, while better than smoking, is not problem free. Many of these problems derive from irresponsible sellers breaking the rules - selling illegal vapes and/or selling them to people under the age of 18. These problems are compounded by the fact that when sellers do break the rules, they usually get away with it. Now a new UK government consultation aims to gather evidence on vaping - a consultation likely to be followed by new rules.

12.90% of the adult population are current smokers. There are approximately 7.2 million current smokers in United Kingdom 14.60% of men are current smokers but only 11.20% of women.



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