Trade ministry supports e-cigarette ban

June 05, 2024 by

Trade ministry supports e-cigarette ban

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam supports a proposed ban on e-cigarettes due to negative health impacts reported by the Ministry of Health. Trader minister Nguyen Hong Dien halted the review of a bill on e-cigarette regulation, and stated support for banning them. No licenses have been issued for e-cigarette trading, and violators are being investigated and punished. E-cigarettes, containing harmful substances, have seen an increase in usage among Vietnamese youth. In 2023, 1,200 people were hospitalized due to e-cigarette usage.

23.80% of the adult population are current smokers. There are approximately 17.5 million current smokers in Vietnam 47.30% of men are current smokers but only 1.20% of women.



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