The panic over vaping is pure hysteria

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The panic over vaping is pure hysteria

Vaping has emerged as a safer alternative to smoking, providing nicotine without harmful combustion byproducts. Despite its popularity with 5.2% of UK adults, some still criticize vaping, ignoring evidence of its reduced risks compared to smoking. With misinformation spreading, studies like the one claiming vaping increases heart failure risk by 19% are met with skepticism due to lack of peer-review and potential biases. The WHO's exaggerated warnings, like linking vaping to seizures, lack substantial evidence. Properly regulated vaping is seen as a successful harm reduction tool, contrasting with anti-nicotine sentiments.

12.90% of the adult population are current smokers. There are approximately 7.2 million current smokers in United Kingdom 14.60% of men are current smokers but only 11.20% of women.



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