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Lifetime ban on cigarettes for Hongkongers born after certain date proposed in public consultation on smoking

Banning Hongkongers born after a certain date from buying cigarettes is among measures in an open-ended public consultation on discouraging smoking, although insiders say some of the more controversial ideas were dropped. [...] The consultation, involving a citywide questionnaire, began on Wednesday and is expected to end on September 30.

July 13, 2023 by

Hong Kong Mulls Generational Cigarette Ban

Hong Kong residents who were born in 2009 or after should be banned from buying cigarettes by 2027, the Council on Smoking and Health proposed on Nov. 3, reports the South China Morning Post

The city’s smoking population dropped to 9.5 percent last year—hitting single digits for the first time since tracking began—but Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu has pledged to lower the rate to 7.8 percent in three years.

Other measures proposed include doubling the current tobacco tax by 2023-2024, which means a pack of cigarettes currently priced at HKD60 ($7.64) would rise to around HKD100. [...]

November 07, 2022 by