International health experts condemn Canadian e-cigarette tax hike

May 08, 2024 by

International health experts condemn Canadian e-cigarette tax hike

International health experts criticize Canada's plan to increase e-cigarette taxes by 12% starting July 2024, opposing Sweden's risk-proportionate tax strategy. Sweden's low smoking rate of 5% is attributed to affordable alternatives like e-cigarettes, contrasting with Canada's 12% smoking rate. Smoke Free Sweden advocates for less harmful alternatives, warning that high e-cigarette taxes will drive smokers back to cigarettes, leading to premature deaths. The organization urges Canada to follow Sweden's lead in promoting tobacco harm reduction. Sweden's success in becoming nearly smoke-free sets an example for other countries to prioritize accessible alternatives.

15.30% of the adult population are current smokers. There are approximately 1.3 million current smokers in Sweden.



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