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Illicit E-Cigarettes Flood Stores as F.D.A. Struggles to Combat Imports

Juul was once the cool vape, blamed for hooking teenagers on e-cigarettes, and it is set to pay billions of dollars in legal settlements. Then came Puff Bar, which was hot in high schools until federal officials began impounding those vapes. Elf Bar stepped in, and its products have been seized at the border. A parade of facsimiles is moving in right behind them: Virtue Bar, Juicy Bar, Lost Mary, Lost Vape and many more. The latest flood of illicit e-cigarettes is arriving from China in Barbiecore colors and fruit, ice cream and slushy flavors, and accounts for a major share of the estimated $5.5 billion e-cigarette market in the United States.

October 11, 2023 by