Half of players using snus would like to stop - study

May 29, 2024 by bbc.com

Half of players using snus would like to stop - study

A recent survey by Loughborough University, for the Professional Footballers' Association, found that almost 1 in 5 male professional players use snus or nicotine pouches. The study, which included 628 male players and 51 Women's Super League players, revealed that 2 out of 5 had tried these products. The report suggests actual usage may be higher due to underreporting. While 48% of male players expressed a desire to quit in the next year, only 9% of WSL players expressed the same intent. Additionally, interviews were conducted with 16 club staff members.

May 29, 2024 by theguardian.com

One in five footballers using snus or nicotine pouches, survey reveals

A survey by Loughborough University for the Professional Footballers’ Association found that 1 in 5…



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