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Experts warn of 'vape tongue' condition e-cigarette smokers need to look out for

A group of health experts have warned those who use e-cigarettes to look out for a new health condition dubbed 'vape tongue'. The rapid rise of popularity in e-cigarettes has sparked concerns about public health in recent years, as long-term damage to the respiratory system remains unknown. The Mirror reports that there are also fears surrounding the amount of children attracted to disposable vapes, due to the fruity flavours and bright colours.

July 30, 2023 by

Vape Tongue: E-Cigs Lead to People Losing Sense of Taste

The primary symptom of “vape tongue” is a diminished sense of taste. When all sense of taste is lost, it is referred to medically as ageusia. Those experiencing loss of taste are generally unable to detect a full range of flavors; while flavors that are experienced can be bland or muted. The severity of loss of taste associated with e-cigarette use can vary in severity depending on the user and the frequency of usage.

August 01, 2023 by