Catherine Conlon: Time to tackle vaping with strong legislation

May 13, 2024 by

Catherine Conlon: Time to tackle vaping with strong legislation

Vaping's rapid rise among youth is causing concern over long-term health effects. New research reveals hazards in e-liquids, especially fruity and sweet flavors youth prefer. Legislation banning vape sales to under-18s and restricting marketing is crucial. Several countries have already implemented bans or restrictions. Urgent action is needed to regulate vaping to protect young people's health and the environment. The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland supports strong regulations to address the growing vaping trend among youth. As vaping becomes increasingly popular, swift and robust legislation is essential to mitigate potential health risks associated with long-term vape use, particularly among young individuals.

18.00% of the adult population are current smokers. There are approximately 717,042 current smokers in Ireland 21.00% of men are current smokers but only 15.00% of women.



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