Consumers – now have a wider range of sources of nicotine; researchers – a new research agenda and new methods for studying the use of nicotine containing products; public health and tobacco control advisors – the role of these products within the landscape of smoking reduction; parliamentarians and policy makers - faced with developing regulatory frameworks; manufacturers and distributors – developing new products or whose business model is challenged by disruptive products; national and international tobacco control organisations are strongly affected, too.

The Global Forum on Nicotine is the first conference to focus on the science, policy and regulation of nicotine.

NSP is pleased to be associated with this new conference. which will take place at the Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland, 27-28th June 2014.

In the wake of the decision on the EU TPD, and in advance of the WHO COP Six in Moscow this coming October, it will be an opportunity to:

  • examine the current state of the debate about the use of nicotine across the globe;
  • critically examine of the science relating to the safety and use of nicotine;
  • allow politicians, scientists, manufacturers, distributors and consumers to exchange views;
  • facilitate the development of links to enable on-going dialogue between different sectors.

Three tracks will focus on nicotine science; policy and regulatory developments; populations, consumers, and epidemiology.

As well as two days of high level presentations by leading nicotine scientists and policy analysts, the event also includes satellites and workshops, and science posters.

The programme committee comprises: (Chair) Prof Gerry Stimson, United Kingdom; Prof Chris Bullen, New Zealand; DrLynne Dawkins, United Kingdom; Dr Mirosław Dworniczak, Poland; Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, Greece; Dr Karl Fagerström, Sweden; Dr Jacques le Houezec, France; Dr Delon Human, Switzerland; DrLynn Kozlowski, United States of America; Hazel Mabe, Germany; Prof Riccardo Polosa, Italy; Prof Andrzej Sobczak, Poland.

For further details of the event see the GFN website. To receive regular updates and programme announcements please register for the NSP mailing list here.