Because of COVID, that plan was axed as most of us in Asia Pacific are still under lockdowns and restrictions on travel. However, we have decided to bring the plan to life via livestream that will run for 24 hours/5 days during COP week (8 - 12 November). It is called sCOPe (streaming Consumers on Point everywhere).

CAPHRA is going to run a programme similar to Voices4Vape for two hours every day from 11am - 1pm Hong Kong time during the five days. There will be approximately 30 minutes of pre-recorded content, followed by a live Q&A and/or panel season every day during that time frame for CAPHRA.

That leaves a remaining 22 hours per day for others to participate. In any way you feel is suitable and you are comfortable with.

This live stream is not going to be heavily produced as we want consumers and interested and supportive parties to tobacco harm reduction to do what THEY feel is important during this time. It could mean an advocate just wants an hour of time to sit and talk with friends/advocates about their harm reduction journey, or it could be a presentation by the leader of a consumer organisation on what they do and why they do it.

The consumer organisations of CAPHRA are preparing their own presentations/panel discussions to air live during the time, in their own local languages. We feel that it is VERY important, as an outreach, that consumers have the platform to use for their advocacy and hopefully reach people in their country and globally.

However, this is not just for CAPHRA this is for everyone so we are inviting all interested people to participate.

If you would be interested in having some time for a panel discussion or presentation on your own. As mentioned, there is no limit on the content, as long as it is supportive of THR obviously, and no limit on time (schedule dependent).

There is no cost to you, it is all being handled by a production company who will run the livestream and handle any pre-recorded content you may have, or panel discussions if you choose to go that route. In your language, in your time zone. You just need to provide any pre recorded content by 23 October for inclusion in the schedule and then just show up at your allotted time.

If this would be something you are interested in, or you have any questions, please send through an email to Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator for CAPHRA at [email protected] by 1 October so that scheduling can officially commence and we can coordinate your time/content.