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A database containing all references to the existing scientific studies related to ecigs

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NSP | 10 October 2014 

Guide to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control meeting (Moscow, 13-18 October 2014)
This meeting is the Sixth Conference of the Parties (COP-6) to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). This convention is WHO’s primary instrument for addressing the health impact of tobacco use internationally. This briefing provides information on discussions about electronic cigarettes and background documentation.

Clive Bates | 14 September 2014 

WHO position on ENDS - a critique of the use of science and communication of risk
A new paper is published today: WHO position on ENDS: a critique of the use of science and communication of risk (PDF) written and researched by Clive Bates at Counterfactual.
We have grown accustomed to WHO and the FCTC Secretariat taking a negative approach to tobacco harm reduction - seeing only risks and threats, and little of the real world potential, while covertly planning an offensive against e-cigarettes through the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Neil McKeganey | 28 August 2014 

Scary Monsters. Have health professionals started a new moral panic over e-cigarettes?
There are few things more powerful than the narrative of fear. The concern that something may be harming us in ways that we might have been unaware, and that action should be taken to limit its occurrence, is a foundational tablet of interventionist public policy. The narrative of fear can be equally strong when it comes to new items that emerge in our social world and about which we know relatively little.

Gerry Stimson | 26 August 2014 

Statement on Tuesday´s publication of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Report on e-cigarettes
WHO’s mission is to save lives and prevent disease but once again it is exaggerating the risks of e-cigarettes, while downplaying the huge potential of these non-combustible low risk nicotine products to end the epidemic of tobacco related disease.

  • This Thursday, our city’s legislators will discuss a proposal banning flavored nicotine liquids and flavorings said to be “kid-friendly” for e-cigarettes and related vapor products. The enactment of such a ban will have the effect of keeping smokers smoking and encouraging those who have quit to return to deadly cigarettes, while also harming New York’s economy. If history is any guide, the discussion will be brief and the damage will be done. [...]
    2014-10-22 | observer.com

    • E Cigarettes
    • USA
  • Starbucks has become the latest coffee shop chain to join the list of organisations, which includes the Royal Opera House and Claridge’s hotel, that have outlawed the use of e-cigarettes on their premises. Employers thinking of following this example in their own workplaces need to consider a range of factors first, including the prospect of some of these products eventually being regulated as medicines.
    2014-10-21 | cipd.co.uk

    • Smoke Free
    • USA
  • The pharmacy retail giant revealed Monday it's taking another significant step in its anti-tobacco effort. Caremark, the pharmacy benefits management arm of CVS, will soon require "some customers" to make a $15 co-payment on prescriptions filled at other pharmacies that sell tobacco products, [...] The new plan plays into the company's efforts to strike lucrative partnerships with health-care systems who value having healthier patients.
    2014-10-21 | washingtonpost.com

    • Tobacco
    • USA
  • It has been more than a year since Cleveland State University joined the hundreds of other tobacco-free campuses around the country and permanently banned smoking on all CSU property. Since then, however, it appears not much has changed except the “tobacco-free campus” signs and banners that have become permanent fixtures on campus.  
    2014-10-21 | csucauldron.com

    • Smoke Free
    • Tobacco Free
    • USA
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - which includes conditions like chronic bronchitis and emphysema - accounts for more than half of the medical cases attributable to smoking, the researchers found. "The disease burden of cigarette smoking in the United States remains immense, and updated estimates indicate that COPD may be substantially underreported in health survey data," the researchers wrote in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.
    2014-10-21 | financialexpress.com

    • Research
    • Study
    • USA
  • Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is pressing the Obama administration to protect his state’s tobacco industry in a trade deal. McConnell is pressuring U.S. negotiators to ensure that tobacco companies can take part in the dispute settlement portion of the trade deal, with talks scheduled next week on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact with several countries in Asia and Latin America.
    2014-10-21 | thehill.com

    • Industry
    • Malaysia
    • Tobacco
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