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Ian Dunt | 26 August 2015  Read more

Anti-vaping campaigners are a threat to public health
If Public Health England's report on vaping shows anything, it's that those who oppose it are a threat to public health. The report found that "e-cigarette use is around 95% less harmful to health than smoking". They pose "no risk of nicotine poisoning to user". Most of the chemicals causing smoking-related disease are absent and "the chemicals present pose limited danger".

Neil McKeganey | 22 June 2015  Read more

When Public Health Harm Reduction Becomes Public Health Harm Promotion
The recent announcement from health officials in Wales that the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces will be banned has been received with a mix of enthusiasm from some, puzzlement from others, and downright dismay by many -including within the "vaping" community itself.
The argument for such strident action seems to be that e-cigarettes are serving to renormalize smoking. For anybody seeking to promote evidence based public policy that anxiety, and the interventionist public policy that flows from it, must be a matter of enormous concern since one looks in vain for the evidence of renormalisation actually occurring.


Hon Lik | 5 June 2015  Read more

Welcome Address & Closing Remarks: Global Forum on Nicotine
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’m delighted to welcome you here today at The Global Forum on Nicotine, an event that has become one of the highlights of the year for the people and organisations who are shaping the present and future of nicotine products. It’s wonderful, and still astonishing, to see so many faces at this event – especially when I think back to how the industry used to be. I may be revealing my age here, but when I first started working with nicotine products, I was a lone voice struggling to be heard.

Scott Balin | 3 June 2015  Read more

Reliving History: How the Tobacco Wars Became the Vapor Wars
Many in the e-vaping space may be wondering why they being viewed and treated like 'Big Tobacco' and why many in the tobacco control community find it so convenient to question their products and their motivations at every turn, painting them all with the same broad brush strokes. There are many reasons - some of which may be valid and many others which are not. What follows is a brief historical perspective of the ‘tobacco wars’ and provides some insights as to why many are still fighting those wars even though these are very different times.

  • Over the last decade, a range of new reduced-risk nicotine products such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have appeared on the market. Millions of smokers have used them to successfully replace their regular cigarettes, thereby reducing their risk of cancer, heart disease and lung disease.
    2015-08-27 | news.nationalpost.com

    • E Cigarettes
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  • A new study has claimed that many parents, who use e-cigarettes, are not aware of the dangers it can cause to the children. Lead author Jane Garbutt said that these were largely avoidable risks but because e-cigarettes were relatively new, many people are not aware of the dangers or the steps that should be taken to protect children from them.
    2015-08-27 | financialexpress.com

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    • Study
  • Government ought to rely on unbiased scientific findings when making policy decisions regarding important issues. But unfortunately, many government agencies undermine the scientific process by using it for their own purposes rather than to discover the truth, a reality President Dwight Eisenhower pointed out in his farewell address more than a half-century ago. [...]
    2015-08-26 | dailycaller.com

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  • A package of anti-tobacco bills, including one raising the smoking age to 21, was fast-tracked to the Senate floor by the chamber’s Appropriations Committee on Monday. [...] “We want to move all of these bills to the floor as a package to continue the deliberation during the special-session discussion,” Lara said.
    2015-08-26 | latimes.com

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  • OPINION: Most of us are familiar with the cost to personal health from smoking tobacco, and from passive exposure of children and others who have no choice to tobacco smoke. Tobacco is the largest preventable cause of mortality worldwide [...] That's why the majority of people, including smokers in this country, want stronger regulation and more taxes. 
    2015-08-26 | stuff.co.nz

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  • KUALA LUMPUR: If a person remains tobacco-free until they reach age 21, chances are that he or she will never succumb to the habit for the rest of their lives, says medical experts. Hence, raising the age of buying tobacco to 21 will protect teenagers and youths from the dangers of nicotine addiction, thus, reducing the number of deaths and diseases caused by tobacco usage.
    2015-08-26 | nst.com.my

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  • You've probably seen something on social media about a new law that prohibits people from smoking in a car when children are present. There is such a law, but it won't affect people in the U.S. [...] Starting Oct. 1, it will be illegal for retailers to sell electronic cigarettes to someone under 18 and for adults to purchase tobacco products or e-cigarettes for someone under 18.
    2015-08-26 | al.com

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  • It hasn't been an easy year for Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM). The company's revenue and profit have taken it on the chin thanks to the brutal effects of foreign exchange fluctuations. This has suppressed its stock price; shares of Philip Morris International are down 2% in the past year. Philip Morris' declining stock price has elevated its dividend yield to nearly 5%.
    2015-08-26 | fool.com

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  • E-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than regular cigarettes. That's the conclusion of a first-of-its kind expert report commissioned by Public Heath England. [...] But there are a few things this report doesn't say, and these messages have been glossed over in some of the media coverage. The report doesn't say that e-cigarettes are completely safe.
    2015-08-26 | vox.com

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