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US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes proposed deeming regulations for e-cigarettes

Absolut Vapour Database

A database containing all references to the existing scientific studies related to ecigs

House Magazine

Bill of Health - Experts examine the impact of legislation and regulation on children’s cancer drugs, mesothelioma and e-cigs

GFN-horiz-short-2015Following the success of the first Global Forum on Nicotine, in Warsaw, Poland, Knowledge•Action•Change is delighted to announce the dates for next year’s conference. The 2nd Global Forum on Nicotine will take place at the Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2015. Presentations, videos and other materials from this year’s conference are now available on-line at http://gfn.net.co/2014

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NSP | 29 June 2014 

Glantz letter to WHO – the importance of dispassionate presentation and interpretation of evidence
On 26 May 2014, fifty three specialists in nicotine science and public health policy wrote to Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of the WHO to argue that tobacco harm reduction is part of the solution to the burden of smoking related disease and requires a careful and evidence based approach to its regulation.
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In response, Professor Stanton Glantz of the University of California at San Francisco organized an alternative letter making a number of criticisms of the first letter and attempting a scientific critique of e-cigarettes.

As a respected authority, it is important that WHO as an organisation and its individual staff take a dispassionate view of scientific evidence presented from any source.

On 26 June, the authors of the original letter wrote back to WHO indicating that many points in the Glantz letter are without scientific foundation and may be misleading to policy-makers or non-specialists if read uncritically. Their commentary identifies the more concerning errors of fact and interpretation in Professor Glantz’s letter, and explain why the citations and arguments used do not support the conclusions drawn.

NSP | 9 June 2014 

Letter from 53 scientists to WHO Director-General Margaret Chan generates biggest ever global media coverage on e-cigarettes
The letter from 53 scientists sent to WHO Director-General Margaret Chan on May 26 urging the organisation to refrain from classifying e-cigarettes as regular tobacco products received wide media coverage across the world. The letter was sent ahead of the upcoming WHO sponsored Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) meeting in Moscow this October.

NSP | 29 May 2014 

World Health Organization needs to see e-cigarettes as part of the solution, not the problem, say leading specialists in nicotine science and public health
Over 50 leading scientists from 15 countries have written to Margaret Chan Director-General of the World Health Organization to ask WHO reconsider its intention to classify e-cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes, warning that they risk missing an opportunity to drastically reduce smoking and the illness and death associated with it.

  • “It’s not a category that’s taking the whole tobacco industry by storm,” Nicandro Durante, chief executive of British American Tobacco BATS.LN -0.33% PLC, said Wednesday. “The products, at the moment, aren’t delivering what people expect.” Mr. Durante said e-cigarettes currently made up between 1% and 2% of the total market for cigarette products in Europe and that at current growth rates, it would take “a hundred years to become even 20% of the market.”
    2014-07-31 | blogs.wsj.com

  • The United States government potentially lost over $3 billion in tax revenues after a 2009 law imposed greater levies on tobacco products, according to a U.S. Government Accountability Office, or GAO, report released Tuesday. [...] CHIPRA, passed in 2009, “created opportunities for tax avoidance and led to significant market shifts toward lower-taxed products by manufacturers, importers, and price-sensitive consumers,” the report stated.
    2014-07-31 | ibtimes.com

  • Zimbabwe has acceded to the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), a treaty meant to reduce demand for tobacco globally. President Robert Mugabe signed the WHO FCTC on July 16 this year. [...] Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board chief executive officer Dr Andrew Matibiri confirmed the accession to the framework convention and said growers should not see signing of the treaty as bad news.
    2014-07-31 | allafrica.com

  • [...] That doesn’t mean marijuana is harmless; in fact, the potency of current strains may shock those who haven’t tried it for decades, particularly when ingested as food. It can produce a serious dependency, and constant use would interfere with job and school performance. It needs to be kept out of the hands of minors. But, on balance, its downsides are not reasons to impose criminal penalties on its possession, [...]
    2014-07-31 | nytimes.com

  • Despite data showing that each smoker costs their employer nearly $6,000 in lost productivity and higher medical costs, employers are still bound by laws when it comes to smoker discrimination. In many states, it’s illegal to discriminate against smokers, with worker rights advocates stating that employers have no jurisdiction over what an employee does after work hours.
    2014-07-31 | forbes.com

  • E-cigarettes are likely to be much less harmful than conventional cigarettes, an analysis of current scientific research suggests. Scientists argue replacing conventional cigarettes with electronic ones could reduce smoking-related deaths even though long-term effects are unknown. [...] researchers suggest e-cigarettes should face less stringent regulations than tobacco. But experts warn encouraging their use without robust evidence is "reckless".
    2014-07-31 | bbc.com

  • The sale of electronic cigarettes is on the rise but how safe are they? Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander joins our host Dr. David Grant to discuss the potential health risks of vaping including the potential for MRSA infections.
    2014-07-21 | youtube.com

  • July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Robin Koval, Chief Executive Officer at Legacy, discusses the move to ban menthol cigarettes, why menthol represents the growth of cigarette sales in the United States and how the merger of Lorillard and Reynolds plays into a potential ban of the product.
    2014-07-21 | bloomberg.com

  • Reynolds American and Lorillard are finalising a deal to bring together two of the three giants of the US tobacco industry. Lex's Oliver Ralph and Joseph Cotterill discuss how it may affect tobacco M&A elsewhere.
    2014-07-20 | youtube.com

  • Lorillard and Reynolds American have surged this year on takeover speculation. Now the deal is official. Will Marlboro Man owner Altria be the next to make a big move?
    2014-07-20 | youtube.com

  • July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Imperial Tobacco confirms it is in discussions with Reynolds, Lorillard to evaluate a possible acquisition of certain assets and brands owned by Reynolds and Lorillard.
    2014-07-11 | bloomberg.com

  • E-Cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in adults and teens, but are they safe? Watch Scot Ackerman, M.D. on First Coast Living discussing the pros, cons and health risks of this new cigarette trend.
    2014-06-20 | youtube.com

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