BelgiumConsumersABVD.be is an association of electronic cigarette users, from the three linguistic communities in Belgium. ABVD.be is eager to actively promote e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco. 

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ACHIVAP (Chilean association of personal vaporizer users)

ACHIVAP (Chilean association of personal vaporizer users) is a group based in Chile, providing information to smokers regarding the use of e-cigs and personal vaporizers. 

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ActieComité voor Dampers

Netherlands ConsumersAcvoda - ActieComité voor Dampers (Action Committee for Vapers) was founded at the end of August 2013. Acvoda is not a formal organization, however numerous vapers volunteer to pick up activities for Acvoda, and every week more and more people chip in.

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American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association

USA Industry AEMSA.ORG, the first and only Manufacturers' trade association completely dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of "e-liquids" used in electronic cigarettes. AEMSA is an all-volunteer organization, formed by American manufacturers of e-liquids, to promote safety and responsibility through self-regulation.

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American Vaping Association

USAConsumersThe American Vaping Association was created for the sole purpose of positive media advocacy for vaping and electronic cigarettes.

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ANESVAP: AsociacióN ESpañola independiente de VAPeadores

SpainConsumersANESVAP is an independent vapers association in Spain. ANESVAP aims to encourage all to help vapeadores to enjoy vaping without hindrance.

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ANEV - Asociación Nacional Española de Vapeadores

SpainConsumersAsociación Nacional Española de Vapeadores; velando por los derechos y la transparencia para los usuarios y empresas del sector E-Cig.

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Association Indépendante Des Utilisateurs de Cigarette Electronique

France Consumers AIDUCE is a French independent association of electronic cigarette users.

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Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association

USA Consumers CASAA formed in 2009 as an advocacy group to raise awareness and protect access reduced harm alternatives.

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Czech Vaping Association

Czech Republic ConsumersObčanské sdružení Vapers Club – Česká asociace vapingu, která sdružuje uživatele i prodejce elektronických cigaret.


DADAFO - Dansk e-damper Forening

Denmark Consumers The Danish consumer organisation - DADAFO (Dansk e-damper Forening - Danish e-Vaper Association) can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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GermanySocial MediaDE-Talk is the German version of VapourtrailsTV. De-Talk talks about E-Cig related issues, specially EU specific regulation topics. DE-Talk is independent, not sponsored but self organized by convinced vapers. Language: German.

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Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association

UK Industry ECITA is a UK based trade association of electronic cigarette makers and distributors. ECITA has created an Industry Standard of Excellence Audit Programme (ISE).

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Ellminating Child Labour in Tobacco Growing

InternationalIndustryECLT Foundation is a multi-stakeholder partnership of trade unions, growers and companies with the ILO as advisor. We have a unique, integrated approach to addressing child labour.

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PolandAcademicsThe eSmoking Institute was founded to gather information and conduct research on the influence of e-smoking on human health. The far-reaching aim of the institute is to draw up standards for nicotine liquids and e-cigarettes.

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EVUN - European Vapers United Network

EuropeConsumersEuropean Vapers United Network is intended to gather politically and otherwise active vapers from the various European communities in order to join forces and work as an "interface" between the various European national organizations.

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Framework Convention Alliance

International Policy Makers The Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), also called the Framework Convention Alliance for Tobacco Control, is a confederation of over 350 organizations from more than 100 countries which banded together to support the negotiation, ratification and implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

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Helvetic Vape

Switzerland Consumers Helvetic Vape is an independent Swiss association for the protection of the interests of personal vaporizers users, founded in November 2013.

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Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health

PolandAcademicsInstitute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health (IOMEH) is a research centre which on the basis of its statute conducts research and implementation studies, training, diagnostic and treatment activities in the field of occupational medicine and environmental health. IOMEH is involved in public health and other statutory based tasks, particularly in health campaigns and disease prevention.

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Interessengemeinschaft E-Dampfen e.V.

DE Consumers The IG-ED e.V. is the first consumer’s organisation of German speaking e-vapers. They work voluntarily and independently of producers and dealers.

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Medical Organisations Supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes

MOVE - Medical Organisations Supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes



New Nicotine Alliance AU

Australia ConsumersThe New Nicotine Alliance Australia is a not for profit organisation working towards improving public health through a greater understanding of risk-reduced nicotine products and their uses. It receives no funding from tobacco, e-cigarette or pharmaceutical companies or their affiliates.


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New Nicotine Alliance UK

UK ConsumersThe New Nicotine Alliance (UK) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, concerned with improving public health, through a greater understanding of “new” (ie. risk-reduced) nicotine products and their uses. NNAUK is currently seeking charitable status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) under UK Charity Commission rules. 


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New Zealand Vaping Alliance

The New Zealand Vaping Alliance is comprised of a group of New Zealand’s leading e-cigarette retailers and keen vaping enthusiasts concerned at the absence of a collective voice on e-cigarette use and vaping community issues. In October 2015 New Zealand’s leading e-cigarette and vaping enthusiasts launched the NZVA as a New Zealand based advocacy group that seeks to increase awareness and understanding of e-cigarettes and vaping issues.

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