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Videos - Nicotine Science and Policy
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  1. GFN 2017 Closing session
  2. GFN 2017 Policy Plenary 2 Q&A
  3. What would good regulation look like? - Clive Bates
  4. Are regulations fit for purpose? - Cecilia Kindstrand-Isaksson
  5. Legal remedies in the US - Challenging the FDA. Patricia Kovacevic
  6. Why Regulate? Peter Beckett
  7. Helen Redmond interview GFN 2017
  8. Louise Ross interview GFN 2017
  9. Dave Sweanor interview GFN 2017
  10. Atilla Danko interview GFN 2017
  11. Professor Rajesh Sharan Interview GFN 2017
  12. Sarah Jakes interview GFN 2017
  13. GFN 2017 Science Plenary 2
  14. Martin Dockrell interview GFN2017
  15. Can you believe they used to smoke it? Dr Michael Hufford
  16. Reducing nicotine in cigarettes
  17. Harms and risks of nicotine? Implications for harm reduction
  18. GFN 2017 Policy Plenary 1 Q&A
  19. E-cigarette use during pregnancy
  20. 50 years of increasing snus use in Swedish men
  21. Findings from the ITC project
  22. Mental health, nicotine use and e cigarettes
  23. Talking THR: David Sweanor – Chip Franklin
  24. Dragons and Dragonslayers | David Sweanor | TEDxHongKong
  25. Nicotine, the TGA and a missed opportunity in Australia
  26. How New Zealand shifted its policy on nicotine products
  27. E-cigarettes for avoiding relapse
  28. Developing tobacco harm reduction in South Africa
  29. Banning e-vapour products: implications under international trade rules
  30. A snapshot of tobacco harm reduction in Ireland
  31. Vaping: How Government Regulation Can Kill Innovation
  32. Focus on Health Show 250 || Smoking & E Cigarettes
  33. VTTV Monday - Are ecigs safe enough?
  34. The State of the Vaping Industry | Nicopure Labs
  35. Q&A with Chris Russell Ph.D. | Nicopure Labs
  36. COBE Connect: Uncovering the Science Behind E-Cigarettes
  37. MN Considers Freezing Cigarette Taxes, Changing e-cigarette Tax
  38. Dr Neil McKeganey – The Pleasure of Smoking
  39. Use of electronic cigarettes in pregnancy
  40. [...] Evidence on e-cigarette safety and patterns of use
  41. [...] Right and Wrong about EU TPD's approach to e-cigarette
  42. [...] What science says about minimising harm
  43. Trends in e-cigarette use in England
  44. [...] How Public Health response to e-cigarettes better serve the public?
  45. E-cigarettes should be promoted as a smoking cessation
  46. [...] Chemicals in e-cigarettes linked to lung disease
  47. [...] Public Panic - Researchers Push to Skew Vaping Regulation
  48. Opinion Journal: Save E-Cigarettes!
  49. Regulation of E-Cigarettes in the Consumer Market
  50. Linda Bauld discusses e-cigarettes

Nicotine Science and Policy posts news items on a wide range of issues related to the use of nicotine and posting of a news item does not imply endorsement of the views expressed in any item.


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