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Scott Balin - Nicotine Science and Policy

Is it time for the WHO to Upgrade and Redefine its MPOWER Program?

Scott D. Ballin | 27 October 2015

With an estimated one billion smokers in the world and with over 5 million people dying each year from the deadly cigarette, isn’t it time for all stakeholders to reevaluate the strategies that are being used? Isn’t time to take advantage of and incorporate harm reduction as an appropriate global strategy for reducing disease and death caused by cigarette smoking?

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Multi-stakeholder meetings to develop more rational and workable approaches to regulating tobacco, nicotine, and harm reduction products – the Morven dialogues

Scott D. Ballin | 5 January 2014

For most, it is obvious that the tobacco and nicotine environment is changing and changing rapidly. The 'tobacco wars' as we traditionally fought them for the last 40 years still exist in some form but the issues, challenges and more importantly opportunities to develop a more comprehensive and rational approach to the regulation of all tobacco, nicotine and alternative products is at our doorstep.

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Reliving History: How the Tobacco Wars Became the Vapor Wars

Scott D. Ballin | 3 June 2015


Many in the e-vaping space may be wondering why they being viewed and treated like 'Big Tobacco' and why many in the tobacco control community find it so convenient to question their products and their motivations at every turn, painting them all with the same broad brush strokes. There are many reasons - some of which may be valid and many others which are not. What follows is a brief historical perspective of the ‘tobacco wars’ and provides some insights as to why many are still fighting those wars even though these are very different times.

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