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Paul Barnes - Nicotine Science and Policy

Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes works in IT and data communications and is a UK based vaper. In his spare time he reads scientific and policy papers on e-cigarettes among a variety of other subjects. From time to time he writes posts for his own blog Facts Do Matter and Vapers In Power. Paul also spends time gathering news items of interest for vapers.org.uk and is a keen advocate for freedom of choice.

Dissecting the Oral Oncology Cell Study

NSP Correspondent - Paul Barnes | 25 February 2016

A study in Oral Oncology, performed by researchers from the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs investigated the potential effects of e-cigarette vapour on human epithelial cells, prompted widespread media coverage both on the on-line sites, and in print from The Mirror, Daily Mail , The Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian that did not present all the relevant facts from the study itself. The claims derived from the study, as referenced in the media coverage based on the press release state that the researchers concluded - "Based on the evidence to date," she says, "I believe they are no better than smoking regular cigarettes." - a startling claim that isn't substantiated by the study itself.

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E-Cigarettes, Prescriptions and the UK National Health Service

NSP Correspondent - Paul Barnes | 18 January 2016

The UK’s Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has released a public assessment report (PAR) on what could be the very first medically approved e-cigarette – e-Voke –which was developed by British American Tobacco. Medicines approval means that the product can be prescribed by medical practitioners, and ensures that the medicinal device meets applicable standards of safety, quality and efficacy. Coupled with the press releases surrounding the landmark report from Public Health England, the media and policy makers are keeping a very close eye on this.

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