• Chemicals used to make some popular e-cigarette liquid flavorings—including cinnamon, clove, citrus and floral—may cause changes or damage to heart muscle cells, new research indicates. The findings, however, still leave many questions about exactly how these chemicals affect the heart, both when they are heated and when they are not, said Matthew A. Nystoriak, Ph.D., [...] lead researcher of the study.
    2017-11-20 | medicalxpress.com

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  • Cigarette sales are continuing to plummet at a historic rate in global tobacco markets thanks to the popularity of heat-not-burn products, which research shows drastically cut the health risks from smoking. Japan Tobacco Inc. released a preliminary report Friday on cigarette sales in October, showing a nearly 13 percent drop from sales in October of 2016. [...]
    2017-11-20 | dailyvaper.com

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  • If you think no one smokes anymore, take a deep breath: 19 percent of adults in Allegheny County smoke, [...] and that adds up to about 233,000 people. It’s still a concern today — the third Thursday of November — 40 years after the Great American Smokeout went national to get people to quit smoking. Once again the Smokeout sets the stage for activities to highlight the dangers of tobacco and encourage smokers to stop.
    2017-11-17 | post-gazette.com

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  • Samir Soneji had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to talk about the potential risks of vaping [...] As a professor at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Soneji studies how gaps in tobacco regulation affect health. [...] young people who smoke hookah or use “snus,” a form of moist smokeless tobacco, are twice as likely to try cigarettes as kids who don’t.
    2017-11-17 | theverge.com

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  • Educating the public about the dangers of tobacco addiction has long been a priority for the American Thoracic Society, which provides scientifically-supported arguments to counter Big Tobacco's marketing and lobbying efforts. Now, the ATS is debuting a new video in which children help to highlight the dangers associated with candy-flavored tobacco, which experts fear will induce kids to use tobacco, leading to a lifetime of addiction.
    2017-11-17 | news-medical.net

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  • The Food and Drug Administration is continuing its campaign against vaping despite evidence that it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes and is more effective in helping smokers to quit than other alternatives. The agency announced last month that it will be expanding its teen anti-smoking “Real Cost” campaign to include vaping and has unveiled its first advertisement focused on e-smoking.
    2017-11-17 | thenewamerican.com

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  • Using e-cigarettes during pregnancy could cause birth defects of the oral cavity and face, according to a recent Virginia Commonwealth University study. Researchers [...] are the first to investigate whether e-cigarettes could be linked to the development of craniofacial birth defects, said principal investigator Amanda Dickinson, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Biology.
    2017-11-17 | medicalxpress.com

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  • More cigarettes smoked in Ontario this year are contraband than in the last four years, a study released Wednesday by a group of convenience store owners in the province suggests. The study found especially large percentages of contraband cigarettes in northern Ontario. In the cities near Hamilton, the largest increase by far was in Brantford, [...]
    2017-11-16 | cbc.ca

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