• By this point in time, everyone has heard of or knows someone who smokes e-cigarettes, or "vapes." This may seem like a healthy alternative to cigarettes, and it sure is advertised as just that. Despite what it may seem like, it is far from the truth. E-cigarettes and vaping have similar dangers to cigarettes, are falsely advertised as beneficial products and should have more regulations put upon them.
    2017-01-20 | iowastatedaily.com

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  • Newer versions of e-cigarettes known as vape pens may not look much like traditional cigarettes, but seeing someone use these devices still sparks a desire to smoke, a recent study suggests.In a lab experiment, researchers randomly assigned 108 young adult smokers to interact with a person using either traditional cigarettes or vape pens. [...]
    2017-01-20 | uk.reuters.com

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  • Fears that “vaping” is a gateway to tobacco smoking are unfounded, shows a comprehensive review of available evidence on the harms and benefits of electronic or e-cigarettes and vapour devices, released today by University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) in a report called “Clearing the Air.” Researchers surveyed the rapidly increasing academic literature on e-cigarettes [...]
    2017-01-20 | uvic.ca

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  • Even as Massachusetts has relaxed laws related to marijuana, a recent study shows the commonwealth has the strictest laws in the nation when it comes to e-cigarettes, studies show. To uncover the most and least friendly e-cigarette locales in the U.S., Halo, an e-cigarette company, looked at the top 300 largest cities and created a list of all the vape shops listed on Yelp. [...]
    2017-01-20 | metro.us

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  • Health officials are recommending a ban on using electronic cigarettes in Louisville, Ky., arguing the devices pose a threat to the city’s “clean air standards.” City regulators are folding to persistent recommendations from groups like the American Heart Association and American Lung Association, which have been lobbying states across the country for months to crack down on vaping.
    2017-01-20 | dailycaller.com

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  • In recent days, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued draft guidance documents with respect to certain prohibitions on free tobacco samples and on the application of certain tobacco regulations on Vape Shops. [...] Under FDA’s tobacco regulations, retailers are prohibited from giving out free samples of any tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, vape pens, [...]
    2017-01-20 | nacsonline.com

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  • A coalition of health groups wants the Alberta government to raise the tobacco tax in its next budget and spend some of the money on anti-smoking programs aimed at young people. "Cigarettes are still more affordable in Alberta than in any other province and tobacco taxes are the single most effective means of reducing tobacco use -- particularly among kids," Angeline Webb of the Canadian Cancer Society said [...]
    2017-01-19 | ctvnews.ca

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  • If you thought Finland was tough on smokers before, now things are REALLY getting grim for people who want to lit up. Finland is on it's way to becoming the first country in the world to eradicate smoking. The previous official goal from 2010 was set for a smoke-free Finland by 2040, but the updated legislation now mentions 2030 as the new goal.
    2017-01-19 | nordic.businessinsider.com

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