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Mirosław Dworniczak - Nicotine Science and Policy

Miroslaw Dworniczak

Miroslaw Dworniczak, PhD - chemist, freelance science journalist, former scientist and lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznan, Poland). Author (under the name "Stary Chemik" - "Old Chemist") of the first blog in Poland dealing with e-cigarettes and e-liquid chemistry and safety (http://starychemik.wordpress.com - in Polish).

Carbonyls – friend or foe?

NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 18 April 2016

Quite frequently the media try to „enlighten” people using information extracted from various scientific publications about chemicals found in the vapour from e-cigarettes. Some of these chemicals belong to the class of volatile organic compounds which are contained in the carbonyl group. Let me shed some light on this subject.

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E-cigarette coils from a chemist's point of view

NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 7 March 2016

When vapers discuss safety issues, they usually take into account the components of e-liquid and the composition of the aerosol inhaled. Of course this is the most important subject, but we should also be aware of metals of which the coils are made.


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E-cigarettes: doubts, allegations, answers. A view from Poland.

Mirosław Dworniczak | 17 November 2013

From time to time e-cigarettes appear in the media. Unfortunately, they are usually still presented in a bad light. The usual arguments are as follows: we do not know exactly what's inside an e-cigarette, they are as poisonous as „the real ones”, there's no research concerning e-cigarettes. 

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Glycerine in e-liquid

NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 01 June 2016

Glycerine (glycerol, 1,2,3-propanetriol) is one of the main ingredients of e-cigarette liquid. Most people are familiar with glycerine, as it is widely used in food and pharmaceuticals. It acts as a solvent, humectant and sometimes as a sweetener. Here is a chemical model of glycerine.

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Propylene glycol classified as toxic? There's no scientific proof for that!

NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 21 March 2016

Something really awful is happening now. In October 2015 German Federal Office for Chemicals, a part of Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health submitted a proposal to the European Chemicals Agency for a new toxicological classification of propylene glycol. 

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Situation of vapers in Poland on the threshold of the implementation of the EU Tobacco Products Directive

NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 8 February 2016

Smoking was very popular in Poland during the communist era – almost 50% of adults were smokers. In recent years the number of smokers has constantly declined – recent estimates show that the number is now around 25%. One can expect a further fall of this number, provided the new government does not throw the baby out with the bathwater, which unfortunately is highly likely.

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TPD implementation in Poland – the end of vaping as we know it?

NSP Correspondent - Mirosław Dworniczak | 20 July 2016

On July 8th the Polish Parliament passed an act transposing the EU Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) into national law, some weeks after the mandated date of May 20th. This marks the end of a legislative process that started two years ago.

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