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Medicinal regulation of vaping could kill people

Matt Ridley | 28 December 2013

E-cigarettes are mainly used to quit smoking - don't stifle them. My recent speech in the House of Lords on the dangers of too much regulatory precaution over electronic cigarettes has sparked a huge amount of interest among "vapers". I am reprinting the speech here as a blog.

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Smoking, e-cigarettes and excessive regulation

Nicotine Science & Policy | 5 March 2013

Readers of NSP will be well aware that electronic cigarettes are a major disruption for the tobacco industry, governments and regulators, public health and tobacco control organisations, consumers, and the public view of nicotine. Writing in The Times Matt Ridley outlines the risks to individual and public health from excessive regulation that threatens to ‘throttle’ the electronic cigarette industry. Viscount Matt Ridley is one of the few people to have spoken on electronic cigarettes in the UK House of Lords, which we published here.

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