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Lars Ramström - Nicotine Science and Policy

Lars M. Ramström is the director of the Institute for Tobacco Studies, ITS - an independent consultancy that works with scientific research on tobacco use and tobacco control by performing own studies, and by monitoring the international development in these areas and collating data from the international scientific literature.

Low mortality attributable to tobacco among men in Sweden compared with other European countries: an analysis of WHO data

Lars M. Ramström | 15 February 2014

The ‘WHO Global Report: Mortality Attributable to Tobacco’ has provided estimates of death rates specifically attributable to tobacco. These estimates directly represent the size of each country’s health burden of tobacco, overall and with respect to the different diseases. The current study has extracted data for all European Union Member States and made inter-country comparisons for different age groups and diseases. In these comparisons men in Sweden stand out by exhibiting lower death rates attributable to tobacco than men in any other EU country.

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Swedish snus can contribute to the attainment of “a high level of health protection” in Europe

Lars Ramström | 25 November 2013

The revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive raises some interesting issues regarding smokeless tobacco products (STP). In the Directive those oral STPs that are kept in the mouth (Swedish snus) are called ‘oral tobacco’, while those oral STPs that are chewed in the mouth are called ‘other STP’.

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