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Clive Bates - Nicotine Science and Policy

Clive Bates

Clive is a versatile policy maker and strategist. He has diverse domestic and international experience from the private sector (~7 years), third sector (~11 years) and government (~8 years). Can see risks and opportunities from many different angles. His specialisms are in energy, environment and public health. Clive's blog: http://www.clivebates.com

What is vaping?

Clive Bates | 29 December 2016

Sometimes we find ourselves talking at cross-purposes about vaping. Why? Consider three perspectives.

First, a health professional asks: “how should vaping be understood and used (or not) to reduce the adverse health effects of smoking?”

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WHO position on ENDS - a critique of the use of science and communication of risk

Clive Bates | 14 September 2014

A new paper is published today: WHO position on ENDS: a critique of the use of science and communication of risk (PDF) written and researched by Clive Bates at Counterfactual
We have grown accustomed to WHO and the FCTC Secretariat taking a negative approach to tobacco harm reduction - seeing only risks and threats, and little of the real world potential, while covertly planning an offensive against e-cigarettes through the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Yet the evidence is steadily moving against that position, leaving WHO looking more extreme, unscientific and ideologically motivated as the data accumulates.

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Making sense of the proposed new e-cigarette regulations

Clive Bates | 20 December 2013

As the final negotiation over e-cigarettes in the tobacco products directive drew to a close. a nameless ‘senior diplomat involved in the negotiations’ was quoted in The Guardian. They were talking about e-cigarettes:It’s inhaled. It’s direct inhalation of nicotine into the lungs. That creates an addiction very fast… I t encourages a switch to real cigarettes.”

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E-cigs and regulation – what do investment analysts think?

Clive Bates | 17 November 2013

The investment analysts are always interesting on tobacco and e-cigs, and in a usefully dispassionate ‘follow-the-money’ kind of way.

Here’s a small collection of quotes I’ve seen in recent analyst reports mainly as they relate to regulation of e-cigarettes. I don’t see all reports of course so this is necessarily selective.

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