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Chris Ford - Nicotine Science and Policy

Dr Chris Ford recently retired from General Practice in London where she worked for 30 years. During this time she developed a special interest in working with people who use drugs and/or alcohol many with HIV and/or hepatitis. Increasingly concerned about the gap between practice and policy, Chris and others founded a UK network for supporting all health professionals working with people who have drug problems. In 2009 Chris set up International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies (IDHDP) to be a bridge between practice and policy and to increase the international participation of medical doctors in drug policy and continues as Clinical Director.

Why you/doctors/vapers should join IDHDP

Chris Ford | 15 July 2016

Dr Chris Ford, the Clinical Director of International Doctors for Healthier Drug Policies, recently attended the Global Forum on Nicotine. Here are some thoughts from her and her colleagues afterwards.

The dogma that has pervaded global drug policy over the last fifty years is hard to comprehend. People have been using substances to alter the way they feel for thousands of years and there is no indication that this will ever stop. Like we do for all other potentially hazardous activities, provision of information and tools to reduce potential harms would be the action of a responsible and caring society.

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