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Atakan Befrits - Nicotine Science and Policy

On the threat to vapers and vaping in Sweden

Atakan Befrits | 16 March 2015

Cautionary words on the threat to vapers and vaping in Sweden, from Atakan Befrits

Vaping with nicotine in Sweden is now de jure banned following a recent court ruling.

Import, distribution and sales of nicotine containing e-cig and nicotine containing refills are banned by the Medical Products Agency (MPA) in Sweden, unless they are registered as medical products. This is prior to the implementation of the TPD, which provides for some flexibility on distribution and sales, which will continue for the time being, pending an appeal against the judgement.

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Sweden banning tobacco harm reduction due to senseless implementation of the EU Tobacco Products Directive – snus and e-cigarettes at risk

Atakan Befrits | 16 February 2016

Important update: Swedish Court rules that vaping products are not medicines products.

The Swedish government proposes new tobacco legislation, which includes a number of very widely recognized and important proposals to reduce smoking. The government deserves praise for work on this issue. However there are two proposals that will have a negative impact on tobacco harm reduction in Sweden – the first is to raise the warning levels on snus, and the second is a possible de facto ban on nicotine e-cigarettes and fluids, reached outside the scope of the TPD.

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